Why hello there.
This blog will now be my writing blog. I will have links and such to my various writings on various sites and links to roleplays and accounts.
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I need writing blogs to follow Oo

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The Luna Initiative


Hello, everyone!

So, as many of you already know, Sally has decided to close Lunaescence. (For those of you who didn’t know, see this announcement post.)

The news has understandably been greeted with a lot of mixed feelings. No one wants to see the site come down, as it has become a home for many writers and readers, and to some, a haven. As it is, there has been a lot of discussion in regards to alternatives to Luna’s closing — in tumblr asks here, in the Lunaescence Facebook group, and in the announcement itself. 

If you would like to participate in the discussion seeking a solution to keep Lunaescence open, you can pitch in your thoughts and ideas on this Google Doc. Even if you would just like to know what’s going on, take a peek at it. It’s an open community doc, so don’t be shy! We’re calling it the Luna Initiative for now (yes, I named it, and I know I’m terrible at naming things). Once we’ve come to a consensus about what solutions we like best, we plan to draft a letter and present it to Sally for her consideration. Whatever her final decision — if she likes a solution and decides to keep Luna open or if she maintains her decision to close it — please respect it!

As always, keep an eye out for more announcements on this tumblr.

- Alastair

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Whoa um…hi!

Sorry I was gone for so long. I kept making other blogs and tending to those other than this one. I’m going to transform this blog into my writings blog. There will be links to my story and maybe even some of my threads I’m doing on my rp blogs. I look forward to getting this back up and running!

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Moment of silence please… I start school tomorrow… I don’t wanna! Wish me luck on my first day of senior year. Yay…

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Can someone please tell me that 9 beers and 4 shots is enough…

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So…My Amaterasu blog just hit 95… Oo

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Reblog if you love to write.


Whether it be fanfiction, original stories, drabbles, songs, poems, books, or anything that has to do with creative words, then reblog. Let’s gather all the writers of Tumblr together.

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Attended a Memorial picnic for my karate Grand Master, Grand Master Jae C. Shin. Don’t you worry, sir. We will continue on your dream for you. The other black belt and I promise this. Rest in peace. You were like a father to us all. Tang Soo!

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For those of you who visit my Tumblr

for those who send me messages


and lastly for those who reblog my pictures

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